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Carbonless Paper Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print Xerox Carbonless Paper on offset presses?
Yes. Xerox Carbonless Paper can be printed full colour on offset. There are many applications where customers preprint in colour on offset presses and then print variables, bar-codes or any other personalisation on monochrome laser printers. This can be cheaper for large volume than printing in one pass on colour laser printers. For these applications SRA2 sheet sizes are available from stock and reels can be manufactured on request . As Xerox Carbonless Paper is dry compared to an offset carbonless sheet, the operator on the press should water less than for offset carbonless paper.

Can I purchase pre-collated reams to a specific colour collation?
Yes. Any colour collation can be ordered. There may be a minimum order quantity. Please check with your account representative.

I do not see SRA3 as a stock item. Why is this size not available for carbonless paper if it fits a lot of colour printers?
SRA3 sheet size is used to print full bleed (right to the edge of the sheets). To print full bleed, customers print on SRA3 and guillotine into two A4 sheets. Carbonless paper sets are very rarely printed full bleed. For this reason, Xerox sells A3 as a stock item.

A3 is also recommended because carbonless paper is a pressure sensitive paper. Therefore, if customers need to trim all sides of the sets, they would get a light mark along the sheets due to micro capsules breakage (specifically on the CFB).

For all these reasons, we recommend A3 for colour equipment. A3 is available as single sheets and also as pre-collated sets. A3 is the best option for customers that are willing to print 2 A4 in one pass.

If the final carbonless set is over 210 x 297 mm, SRA3 can be manufactured as custom item (single or pre-collated).

Also, SRA2 is available and very convenient to be trimmed to the exact required size after printing.

Can you supply hole punched or micro-perfed carbonless sheets?
Xerox can offer bespoke items such as specific sizes and also pre-perfed and punched items. The sheets are punched or perfed on the production line, one sheet at a time. There are no paper fibres left in the holes, no debris. This eliminates welding and multifeeding. Micro-perfed are available in pre-collated sets and singles either as a stock item or on demand.

Where can I find the settings for running carbonless paper on the DocuColor iGen3?
Download the latest RML stock library list on to the iGen3 PSIP and load the appropriate carbonless paper to the feeder.