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Carbonless Paper: Health, Safety and Environment
Non hazardous
The composition and construction of carbonless paper is not classified as hazardous, and do not present any risk to health, safety and environment during normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, handling and storage.

Paper is combustible and will burn if ignited. In fire, oxides of carbon and nitrogen, and other toxic products of decomposition may be evolved. Water, carbon dioxide, extinguishing powder or foam can be used as an extinguishing media.

Paper fibres can form a combustible dust.

Handling, Storage and Disposal
There are no special requirements for handling carbonless paper. Tests show that coated paper is non-irritating and non-sensitising to skin, and there is no evidence of mutagenicity. Whilst close attention has been paid to ensure that no significant hazard is associated with the handling of Xerox carbonless paper, it is possible that uniquely sensitive individuals may have a reaction to the paper just as certain individuals may react to any manufactured product such as soap, perfume, etc.

Ideal storage conditions for carbonless paper are as for normal paper; avoid excessive heat or humidity, which could reduce shelf-life of the coated paper.

Under normal storage conditions the shelf life of carbonless paper is two years.

No specific disposal methods are required for coated paper. The following European Waste Catalogue code applies for processed papers: 090108 (photographic film and paper free of silver and silver compounds).

Premium Digital Carbonless Paper can be disposed of or recycled with other paper products.