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Xerox Carbonless Paper

Xerox Carbonless Paper is ideal for creating multi part business forms on demand, in small or large volumes. Just write on the top sheet and get an intense black image on the rest of the forms set. Unlike offset printing, there are no set up costs and no need to run large quantities of business forms, which then become obsolete.

Xerox Carbonless Paper has been specifically designed for use in high-speed copiers and laser printers where many feed rollers and high fuser temperatures are present. The heavier weight of Xerox Carbonless Paper, compared to other carbonless papers, provides a stiffer, more reliable sheet to ensure smooth, consistent, trouble-free feeding through the machine.

The coated paper is available as single sheets, which can be printed and then collated in the required sequence. The coated paper is also available in pre-collated sets of up to four (4) parts either in straight or reverse sequence, depending on the order of feeding through the machine.

Xerox Carbonless Paper is a chemical coated transfer carbonless paper. Xerox CB and CFB Carbonless Papers have a coating consisting of micro-sized capsules containing image-forming dyes coated on the back side of the sheet. Xerox CF and CFB papers have a mating chemistry coated on the front side of the paper.

When pressure is applied, the microcapsules are broken and the image-forming dyes are transferred to the mating chemistry on the front of the CF or CFB sheet. The chemicals react to form a fast, intense black image.