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Carbonless Paper Features and Benefits

How do I save time and money?
  • No more costly and time consuming offset printing; create your own original and then produce what you need when you need it
  • No more cost maintenance for your matrix printer since your laser printer can do a better job for you
  • Unanticipated last-minute copy or design changes are easily accommodated when you produce forms on demand, reducing both forms waste and obsolescence
  • Eliminate rush charges, transportation and handling fees when you print forms on an as-needed basis
How can I maximise my multi-part forms efficiency?
  • Improve your productivity and data processing by integrating digital print features such as Personalisation, Bar Coding, Scan and Store
  • Sequentially number your forms online
  • Use your favourite software to easily redesign your forms
  • Control production
What is different with Xerox Carbonless Paper?
  • Now, add colour to your multi-part forms. You have a unique product developed for use in colour and mono digital equipment
  • Print duplex. Our carbonless sheet can be printed duplex on most equipment
  • Benefit from the best image transfer. Written image is dark and visible through 4 ply sets
  • Unique to Xerox, arrows on ream side facilitate loading. Sequence and sheet side printing is always right
How does Xerox address my specific needs?
  • In addition to the large range of sizes, Xerox can deliver custom sizes available to order
  • Custom colour sequence is also available. Just ask for it
  • Do you need hole punch or perfing for snap set book? It is all available to meet your exact needs
  • Xerox Carbonless Paper can also be pre-printed offset in order to be personalised on monochrome laser printers