Xerox Card Solutions and DocuMagnet

Product Assortment

DocuMagnet is one of several magnetic media products specifically designed for your high-speed laser applications. This unique product combines a 54mm x 86mm magnet integrated into an A4 coated or uncoated carrier sheet. It is available in a standard 1 up configuration only and is approved for running in Xerox digital printers.

The Xerox DocuMagnet provides the perfect way for your customers to keep your information at hand. It could be their gas, electricity or water service account details. Maybe it's the right phone number for them to use for each of their bank account or insurance policy enquiries. And then again it could be advertising to promote your client's business and services, fast-food delivery, taxis, dentists and doctors . . . . .

"Xerox DocuMagnet™ - One you'll want to stick around"

DocuMagnet - Specifications

Sheet Specifications
  • A4: 297mm x 210mm
  • Uncoated: 163gsm
  • Coated: 184gsm
Magnet Specifications
  • 54mm x 86mm standard
  • 495 microns thickness (on carrier sheet)
  • 430 microns thickness (removed from carrier sheet)

DocuMagnet - Formats

DocuMagnet is available in the following formats:
DocuMagnet Formats