Xerox Card Solutions and DocuMagnet

Product Assortment

The Xerox ValuPeelCard is a card solution with a true integrated card construction. Xerox qualified 184gsm coated or 163gsm uncoated base sheet supplied either coated or uncoated. This card solution provides for an easy to print, clean release card with a durable laminate plastic backing. (Pre-print only on reverse of card. No WindoWell).

This ID card solution allows for full bleed digital printing on the card through either Xerox color or monochrome printers and is available as blank stock or pre-printed. (Pre-print is possible on the reverse of the card however variable data printing is not an option)

Reasonably priced, the ValuPeelCard offers an easy to print simplex solution that can be produced without additional printer adjustments.

ValuPeelCard - Specifications

Sheet Specifications
  • A4: 210mm x 297mm
  • 184gsm coated; 163gsm uncoated
Card Specifications
  • Size: 86mm x 54mm

ValuPeelCard - Formats

ValuPeelCard is available in the following formats:
ValuPeelCard Formats