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Paper-to-digital transformation guide

A hands-on guide to reducing waste, improving processes and changing the way you work with documents

The paper-to-digital transformation workbook

An interactive guide to reducing costs, improving processes and changing the way you work with documents.

Digital transformation is living up to its name and changing almost every aspect of the way businesses work.

And paper-to-digital conversion is a huge part of that. But going digital means managing change ­– and that can be as challenging as it is necessary.

So we’ve collected the most important advice, best practice and experiences from successful paper-to-digital transformations and rolled them all into one hands-on guide.

Get the paper-to-digital transformation workbook to discover: 

  • A simple four-stage path to transformation
  • How to use Managed Print Services as a springboard
  • A list of suggested tools and techniques for the journey
  • A collection of interactive self-assessments

If you’re an IT leader trying to cut costs and simultaneously deliver more valuable services to your business users, you won’t want to miss this.

Get the paper-to-digital conversion workbook

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