• With smart collaboration, how far can your SMB go?

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Digital Synergy: Bringing Smart Collaboration to SMBs for Innovation and Empowerment

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With smart collaboration, how far can your SMB go?

There’s never been a greater need for seamless collaboration. How does that work now and post-pandemic? Find out in this on-demand webinar, with advice and sample use cases straight from the experts.

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In 2021, the need for collaboration has never been greater. Across the board, organisations need reliable, streamlined tech and systems that bring teams and customers together with less hassle. By reaching across the online barrier, you can drive improved operations, reduce costs, create real customer intimacy and focus more on innovation and the road ahead. Empower your small- to medium-sized business to come together and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Watch this on-demand webinar and you’ll get:

  • Expert insights and predictions around how collaboration is evolving and getting smarter
  • Actionable advice to get the most out of collaboration principles and technology
  • Use cases from the education, healthcare and government industries
  • A demo of example collaboration technology, Lenovo ThinkSmart Devices, so you can see possibilities in action
  • How and why a Fortune 100 company deployed almost 800 of those devices globally
  • Access to a free collaboration consultation from Xerox


Access this free, 45-minute webinar.


Anurag Agrawal

Anurag Agrawal

Techaisle Founder and Chief Global Analyst

Dustyn Fuller

Dustyn Fuller

Xerox IT Services Expert

Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor

Lenovo Sr. Technical Client Advisor for Smart Office Solutions