What’s the biggest source of security risk – your people or your tech?

The answer might surprise you. And since the pandemic has increased cybercrime activity by 600%*, a holistic and airtight security strategy that considers every angle is crucial in keeping data and intellectual property safe.

Join us for a discussion on how preparing your team and your technology can prevent cybercrime from going undetected in your organization.

Access this free 50-minute on-demand webinar and you’ll get:

  • Expert advice from People Hacker and Social Engineer, Jenny Radcliffe, on understanding the human element of security
  • A breakdown of the tools and solutions needed to bridge the gap between human and cyber security – from Managed IT Services to Cisco Umbrella and more
  • A discussion on achieving a balanced approach to proactive, preventative security
  • The opportunity to request rapid fire network assessment to identify your current vulnerabilities


Access this free, 50-minute webinar.


Photo of Jenny Radcliffe - Speaker at IT Webinar Series

Jenny Radcliffe 

People Hacker and Social Engineer 

Jeremy Dansie, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Jeremy Dansie

Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco

Adam Runcie - Speaker at IT Webinar Series

Adam Runcie 

Networking and Defensive Security Solutions Architect, Xerox

* 2021 Cyber Security Statistics