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Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Procurement and Purchasing

It’s not easy to source and purchase the right materials from the right suppliers at the right cost. But with a little automation, you’ll help reduce turnaround time for requisition approval and fulfillment.

The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Procurement and Purchasing enables your procurement and supply chain departments to establish a centralised and streamlined system for managing all the documents and associated content within your procurement and purchasing processes.

Workflow Automation for Procurement and Purchasing can help you:

  • Establish a streamlined and centralised procurement and purchasing process.
  • Provide staff with access to necessary supplier information such as POs, RFPs, contracts, etc.
  • Reduce costs associated with efforts and improve turnaround on time-sensitive processes such as PO and vendor approvals.
  • Provide additional visibility to management and value chain partners on total spend, category of spends, status of vendor relationships and vendor performance.

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