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Compliance Management

Streamline management of and access to controlled information, accelerate the traceability of documents and improve audit reporting and compliance. With Xerox® Solutions for Compliance Management, you’ll stay audit ready.

Our compliance management solutions provide robust lifecycle management of regulatory and product / process control information, as well as company policy, health and safety, and standard operating procedure management. You’ll simplify document retention without needing complex records management knowledge, and you’ll gain easy, secure access to information.

Xerox® Solutions for Compliance Management enable you to:

  • Ensure compliance – Solutions provide information accuracy with touchless data extraction, classification, and transformation technologies that enforce end-to-end record management and compliance.
  • Mitigate risk – Reduce the risk of data loss, fraud, identity theft, and data breaches, with automated capture and workflow processes that provide rigorous management of sensitive customer information.
  • Maintain audit information – Keep an audit trail for information that is captured, altered, and used for regulatory purposes, and include any information that might potentially fall under an audit.
  • Monitor in real-time – Deliver a comprehensive view of the environment and monitor access control, transaction processing and fraud prevention in real-time.
  • Leverage analytics – Use predictive analytics to anticipate potential risks with respect to meeting regulations and generate a variety of reports at specific intervals or on an ad hoc basis.
  • Reduce costs – Automate activity monitoring, reporting, and auditing requirements for complete transparency of compliance issues using rules-based best practices to lower operating costs.

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