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Plockmatic PowerSquare 160 heftemodul

Combine optimum booklet quality with robust and reliable performance.

Plockmatic PowerSquare™ 160 Booklet-Maker


The PowerSquare 160 booklet maker is designed for mid-volume digital printers looking for a versatile, flexible and reliable booklet making system.

Booklets made with the Plockmatic PowerSquare™ 160 Booklet-Maker

Key Features

  • Produces high quality, value-added square-edged booklets that lie flat and are easy to stack, handle and pack

  • Wide media range including landscape books (A4 or 8 ½ x 11): 60 – 400 gsm and 200 x 200 mm to 370 x 620 mm

  • Ergonomic design in a small footprint that delivers books close to the operator position

  • A single integrated system that rotates sheets, staples, folds, square-forms and face-trims in a single machine

  • Maintenance-free stapler system with auto adjusting staple pitch

  • Renowned PowerSquare build quality for long term reliability and performance

  • Patented fold-and-form technology produces a better quality book

  • Unique paper transport system ensures accurate paper handling, even with long sheets

  • Optional 2-knife trimmer for full bleed applications

  • Optional book stacker with a high capacity for increased efficiency and unattended operation

Your Challenges

Digital printers need the flexibility to produce a wider range of finished books from a single process, with little or no operator intervention; and in a production line that performs reliably day-in day-out.

Key Challenges

  • Dependable and reliable performance — in today’s fast turnaround environment where downtime affects revenue, all machines in the production line need a high degree of reliability.

  • Flexible and versatile media support is needed for a wide range of paper types and sizes.

  • Consistent book quality is essential to meet customer and end user expectations.

  • Ease of use is needed for a less skilled and changing workforce.

How Xerox Can Help

The PowerSquare 160 meets the needs of mid-volume digital printers who demand outstanding book quality combined with robust and reliable performance.

Using proven Watkiss technology, this booklet folding and stapling machine delivers value-added professional booklets for you and your customers.

With optional accessories for full bleed trimming and book stacking, you can increase productivity and efficiency.

Xerox Versant Press with Plockmatic PowerSquare 160 Booklet-Maker
  • The PowerSquare 160 is designed and built to deliver long term reliability and performance, sharing the same heavy duty construction as the PowerSquare 224.

  • Handles a wide range of media — both paper weight and paper size — to meet customer demands for a wider range of media including A4 landscape (8 ½ x 11 landscape) books.

  • An integrated system that combines the processes needed to produce high quality booklets in a single machine, ensuring greater ease of use, installation and operation.

  • Many innovative features contribute to unrivalled book quality and consistency — including a unique patented ‘fold-and-form’ technology, a unique paper transport system, automatic book optimization and many more.

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