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Enabling Zero Trust Security

To stay ahead of rising cybersecurity threats, organisations need new, more powerful security strategies.

Zero Trust is a robust security framework that provides access to the right users and devices while improving an organisation’s overall security posture.

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With a combination of hardware, software and processes, we support your Zero Trust initiatives using the following best practices and recommendations to make implementation simpler and more comprehensive.

Authenticate and Control Access

Start with the “no implicit trust” policy and ensure all user access is verified.

  • Xerox® printers ship with password protection.

  • Implement least privilege access through Role Based Access Controls and revalidation with enforced inactivity timeouts.

  • Extend capabilities to the fleet of devices with Xerox® Managed Print Services and Xerox® Workplace Suite and Cloud.

Monitor and Detect

Continuously monitor and detect potential and existing security threats

  • With Trellix whitelisting / allow listing and firmware verification, our printers are designed to protect against tampering.

  • Xerox Workplace Suite and Cloud use tools such as reCAPTCHA to detect and block brute-force entry attempts.

  • We implement fleet-wide device management and configuration setting with Xerox® Printer Security Audit Service.

Contain and Remediate

In the event of a potential compromise, contain the threat and provide swift remediation to eliminate it.

  • Layers of security features restrict potential security breaches and prevent them from spreading to the fleet or the network.

  • The Configuration Watchdog feature proactively remediates printer security settings in case they are changed.

  • Xerox Printer Security Audit Service maintains policy compliance and remediation across the fleet of printers

Protect (Data and Documents)

Use data encryption techniques and software solutions to protect data and documents from intentional and unintentional disclosure.

  • Your stored data is protected with 256-bit encryption, digitally signed and password protected file formats.

  • Data that’s no longer required can be deleted using NIST and U.S. DoD-approved algorithms.

  • Xerox Workplace Suite and Cloud provide content security and generate alerts and reports on how the data is used.


Streamline security policies for best results.

  • Automation delivers simplicity and allows security teams to refocus their efforts on important issues.

  • The Fleet Orchestrator feature automates configuration and firmware updates on a small network of printers.

  • Xerox Printer Security Audit Service streamlines fleet management by automating compliance enforcement, and presents information in easy-to-read dashboard style format.

A simple, enforceable security policy is the foundation every organisation needs. By implementing the Xerox security recommendations, businesses can safely provide authorised user access, limit exposure in case of data breaches and automate responses to potential security threats. For complete details, download the brief.

Download the Zero Trust brief

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Cybercrime has reached unprecedented levels globally, and is expected to continue growing.

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Oplossingen voor aparaat- en documentbeveiliging

Find out why the most security-minded businesses and governments choose Xerox.

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Security for people who aren't wired for constant data protection with Xerox® Security Solutions.

* Trellix was voorheen bekend als McAfee

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