Xerox Provides JC Center with Advanced Digital Book Printing Technologies

Cairo, May 26, 2010 As part of its commitment to providing its clients with the highest standards of service and quality, JC Center - specializing in pre-printing phases - recently obtained Xerox's latest digital book printing solution. It included the Xerox 4112/4127, which supports the printing and finishing of books without requiring manual intervention - making the process both easier and less costly.

The Xerox 4112/4127 supports DocuSP software, a FreeFlow solution that automates digital printing processes. The advanced software can process all variable data formats archived on different applications, including PDF and PostScript VIPP. Additionally, it can monitor color quality, thus improving printing productivity and quality.

"We are very pleased with our cooperation with Xerox. JC is the first center in the Middle East to introduce digital book printing using Xerox's various systems, and we have found that they have helped boost our operational efficiency, as well as revenues, while overcoming problems such as resource waste. Additionally, the use of these systems has reduced the cost of shipping and warehousing, which were both quite expensive with our previously used traditional printing systems," said Sherif Joseph, Manager of JC Center.

"Digital printing allows us to make any necessary pre- or post-printing modifications to books, as well as to print short runs, means larger profit margins for our business. Additionally, this technology facilitates the issuance of special editions based on readers' specifications, and includes many other dynamic features not provided for by other printing systems," he added.

JC Center has always depended on Xerox to obtain the latest digital printing technologies, for both monochrome and full color printing. The center previously acquired the Xerox DocuColor 252, which prints book covers in color. Using the Xerox 4112/4127 to print books' content in black and white, JC can complement the functions of the DocuColor 252.

The 4112/4127 systems, which run at 110 and 125 pages per minute, respectively, make it easier and more economical for print providers to produce brochures, course packs, customized marketing materials, and statements - all without interruption. The systems serve print providers of all sizes, from small quick print shops, educational institutions, and healthcare offices, to commercial printers and in-plant operations.