Xerox plays an important role in influencing the sustainability of our environment. Our research aims to develop technologies that minimize the environmental impact of document systems and business processes. Our commitment to environmental improvements extends to our partners, suppliers and customers.

Latest Innovations

Analyzing how people print documents can positively
impact behavior

Three out of four people say they feel guilty when printing unnecessary pages, but most say they don’t know how to change their printing habits. By incorporating elements of gamification into software that monitors and analyzes how people print, Xerox technology is encouraging workers to become more environmentally friendly.
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Green Services
By building quantitative models of the impact of each process in the enterprise, we can assess the impact of changes in business processes on many green dimensions (energy, paper, waste, transportation, etc.). We have also developed personal assessment calculators that let individuals look at their own environmental impact.
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Innovation in Action
Heat Sensor U.S. Department of Energy Selects PARC to Develop Harsh Environment Adaptable Thermionic (HEAT) Sensor
New sensor and control technology will facilitate the attainment of the goals of high efficiency, near zero emissions, and effective carbon capture for next-generation power generation technologies.
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Encre solide Solid Ink
Solid ink’s cartridge-free, color printing technology generates up to 90% less printing waste compared with color laser printing—which means less waste entering our landfills.
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Buyers Laboratory, Inc.

Buyers Laboratory, Inc. (BLI) recently tested the Xerox ColorQube™ 8900X and rated it "highly recommended". They praised the ColorQube 8900 as an economical choice for mid-volume color users, and highlighted its ability to integrate with productivity-enhancing software solutions, "green" features, and simple scanning functions. "The Xerox ColorQube 8900X gave a stellar showing, demonstrating flawless reliability throughout testing."

April 2012


Xerox-proprietary solid ink technology received the 2011 BERTL's Best award for Best Eco-Friendly Ink Technology. With solid ink's cartridge-free design and minimal packaging, there is less to manufacture, no empty toner cartridges to dispose of or recycle, and less storage space required than comparable laser devices. In fact, solid ink printers and multifunction printers produce 90 percent less waste during use than comparable laser devices.

October 11, 2011
Energy optimization software that’s smart enough to know when it makes sense to wind down
The Simegy system optimizes the energy consumption of printers by dynamically setting timeouts, with minimal user impact and extremely low administrative overhead. The widely used solutions to manage the printers’ timeouts are static: a set of rules is decided and statically set once. Automated statistical analysis of the print activity of the fleet brings dynamic capabilities by individually updating every device timeout, and can help reduce the power consumption by up to 20%.
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