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Xerox Wins BLI 2024-2025 Pacesetter Award: Intelligent Document Automation Solutions Provider

Xerox continues to deliver value and innovation to clients through our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is confirmed by Keypoint Intelligence, a global research firm, with the achievement of the BLI 2024-2025 Pacesetter Award: Intelligent Document Automation Solutions Provider. Pacesetter Awards from Keypoint Intelligence recognize those document imaging OEMs that have shown market leadership in a variety of categories, including technologies, services, and key vertical markets.

As automation and innovation continues to be at the forefront of business advancement, organizations look for working practices and vendors that support solutions that enable productivity, efficiency, and security.

"Intelligent document automation is a key component in DX and overall IT strategies. In fact, in a recent Keypoint Intelligence survey, nearly 40% of IT-purchase decision makers said that adopting such solutions is a top business priority for the coming 12 to 24 months,”

- Jamie Bsales, Principal Analyst in Keypoint Intelligence’s Workplace Group

This Pacesetter award highlighted the Xerox portfolio of solutions that enable automation and help organizations meet the challenges of a modern workplace.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps: Xerox offers several on-MFP apps and connectors that leverage Intelligent Document Processing available via the Xerox® App Gallery. Each app can simplify or automate tasks in a way that saves businesses time and money. Clients can simply browse the collection on the User Interface, which comes with every Xerox ConnectKey® Technology–enabled device, and tap to install.

Xerox® Workflow Central: A cloud-based solution that takes the guesswork out of converting physical and digital files into usable formats. Workflow Central makes it easy to transform documents instantly from any device, including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and multifunction printers.

Ideal for on-the-go employees that work across a variety of devices and document types, Workflow Central solves everyday workflow challenges, such as translation, redaction, file conversion, and much more.

: Addressing today's business challenges such as productivity, automating processes, efficiency, cost savings, mitigate staff and skill shortage, this flexible solution offers companies the ability to automate manual processes no matter the size.

Xerox RPA offering covers the implementation of bots from an extensive catalog with ready to use automation solutions. Solutions are customized to address the unique challenges of today’s business. Our automation team accesses, builds, deploys and supports the RPA capabilities in the process that works best for each business.

Xerox’s Intelligent Document Processing Capabilities through Xerox® Capture and Content Services

As data volumes surge within enterprise and small and medium businesses workflows, the need for efficient management, processing, and extraction of value from diverse data types grows critical.

Within Xerox® Capture and Content Services, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) offers a suite of advanced features. It harnesses data to automate workflows, identify patterns, ensure accuracy, and predict outcomes—requiring no manual intervention.

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Adatok automatikus begyűjtése és érvényesítése

Gondolja újra az adatgyűjtési és tartalomszolgáltatásainkkal, hogy az adatokat hogyan gyűjti be a fizikai és az elektronikus dokumentumokból. A nagy teljesítményű mesterséges intelligenciával és a gépi tanulással automatikusan begyűjtheti az adatokat és érvényesítheti az információkat digitális és papíralapú dokumentumokból egyaránt.

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