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The Survey & Land Registration Bureau of Bahrain upgrades its service with Xerox's digital solution

The Survey & Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) of Bahrain is the custodian of all property records in the Kingdom of Bahrain. SLRB is also the national mapping agency. The property records in SLRB date to the 1920s and contain ownership information and transaction details in the form of registers and ledgers which are of historical importance now.

Registers and ledgers have been deteriorating because of natural causes and continual usage. Accessing required information was time consuming, resulting in delays in services related to registration and future planned developments. Potential health hazards such as fungal infection in bound physical records was another concern.

“Our biggest limitation was in accessing the required information in given time frame. These historical documents are accessible only by designated staff and the procedures for obtaining information used to take significant time."

– Mr. Ammar Al Khashram, Director of Technical Affairs, SLRB

SLRB wanted to digitise and add these documents to its central repository. This would limit physical access to the documents, while making digital documents accessible in a secured and controlled way. Searching and establishing the history of properties is essential in property transactions. SLRB is moving fast into providing various online services to its clients. Therefore, integrating the digitised physical records with those digital repositories is essential for faster decision making.

Based on its technology and experience, Xerox was chosen over other potential service providers. "The capability and professionalism of local Xerox team to deliver the solution was known to SLRB. In past, Xerox scanned parcel maps having property transaction information to the satisfaction of SLRB. Handling of these parcel maps were challenging due various sizes, different material, and fragile in nature. Xerox handled all maps safely." said Mr. Ammar.

Xerox fulfilled the project in two phases. The ledgers and registers were numbered for tracking purposes and digitised to PDF and TIFF formats, then carefully indexed based on specific criteria provided by SLRB. Digitised documents, thereafter, were exported to the Xerox® DocuShare® platform. Xerox delivered the project as a service, providing what was required to achieve the objectives. SLRB provided space and other facilities.

The ledgers and registers are now available for all authorsed users to refer to within Xerox® DocuShare® ECM. End users have become more efficient and accurate because of access to historical registration records.

Main benefits:

  • Digitised documents are now part of a secure & controlled central repository

  • Smart indexing for easy retrieval

  • Faster and easier searching / requests processing

  • No more need for physical access to the archives

  • Major improvements in registration services

"With Xerox® DocuShare®, we are saving a lot of time and our processes have become more efficient, secure, and easy to use,. We are delighted with the service provided by Xerox and its continuous support on document lifecycle management."

– Mr. Ammar Al Khashram, Director of Technical Affairs, SLRB

Fogaskerék ikon, ahol a csatlakozók balra szállnakThe Challenge

  • Access to related information was time consuming, resulting in delays in providing service to both citizens and organisations.

  • SLRB records’ condition was deteriorating due to natural causes and continual use.

  • Potential health hazards for users.

Lámpaizzó ikonThe Solution

  • Digitisation of SLRB’s records with accurate indexing following specific requirements.

  • Use of the DocuShare® software allowed easy, smart and secure access to documents from anywhere.

Felfelé ívelő grafikon, fölötte pedig egy fogaskerékThe Results

  • Digitised records in a secure, central repository

  • Easy and controlled access in a digital environment.

  • Higher efficiency, faster decision making and minimised delays.

  • Smart indexing for easy retrieval.

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