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Letter being posted into mail box

Ipari nyomtatás

With today’s innovations in technology, workflow automation and personalization, print providers can easily turn simple bills and statements into highly effective marketing vehicles.


2021. júl. 14.

Hand putting envelopes in mailbox

Enterprise Content Management

Xerox helped us implement a new system quickly and efficiently, without any significant set up time and with the immediate and continued support of the relevant people.


2021. júl. 1.

When retail rises, demand for folding cartons also rises, opening a huge growth opportunity for printers.


2021. jún. 29.

Kis- és középvállalkozások

See how financial services firm, Freedman & Co., used Xerox® DocuShare® to digitise and easily manage volumes of sensitive client files, ultimately helping spur a decade of growth.


2021. jún. 25.

Menedzselt nyomtatási szolgáltatások

Find out how to evaluate MPS offerings to see if they meet the needs of your organisation


2021. jún. 25.

Enterprise Content Management

See how the law offices of Dibble & Miller, P.C. use Xerox® DocuShare® to ensure premium service for every client.


2021. jún. 15.


Highly configurable and cloud-connected, VersaLink workplace assistants are ready to work today, grow tomorrow.


2021. jún. 10.

Pénzügyi szolgáltatások

Banks, insurers, and other financial services firms need to adjust to new customer expectations. Learn more about the state of digital transformation and the future of the banking and insurance industries.


2021. jún. 8.

Government / Public Sector

The Government of Canada has selected Xerox Canada Ltd. as one of three vendors to optimize and transform its print infrastructure nationwide. The agreement will grant federal employees access to Xerox hardware and intelligent software to improve the deli


2021. máj. 26.