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Petites et moyennes entreprises

Discover how automation, hybrid work, and distributed workforce drive digital transformation in SMBs. Learn how IT services enable and deliver this process.

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15 juin 2023

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A propos de Xerox

Xerox is featured among the top 500 largest public companies in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive year.


16 mars 2023

Xerox Workflow Central Platform on a tablet screen

Petites et moyennes entreprises

When do you need a new printer? Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your printer.


30 nov. 2022

Two men looking at a computer screen

Petites et moyennes entreprises

Keep data confidential when printing, scanning and sharing. Here are 3 tips for secure printing on your Xerox printer.


4 nov. 2022

Woman changing Xerox printer toner

Petites et moyennes entreprises

Running out of toner slows down productivity for the whole office. Here are 5 simple methods to check the toner level on your Xerox printer.


3 oct. 2022

Two women operating a printer

Petites et moyennes entreprises

Get the most out of your Xerox printer or multifunction printer (MFP) with these simple solutions to common printer problems. Find tutorials and DIY fixes to improve print quality and more.


28 sept. 2022

Digital image showing 3D graphs moving from the top and bottom

Secteur public

The shift to ‘digital first’ to adapt and stay ahead of a fast-changing world continues to be a top priority for many organizations, driving their digital transformation agenda. It is our mission to deliver these goals.

Étude de cas

26 sept. 2022

Two women operating a printer

Impression de production

Learn how the Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press increased capacity by 109%, delivering high-speed performance, exceptional value and brilliant colour.

Étude de cas

28 juin 2022

Man sitting at a coffee shop, working on a laptop

Service de gestion d'impression

Quocirca outlines seven key insights to help protect your print endpoints in a hybrid working environment and highlights how Xerox® Managed Print Services can help you keep up with print security challenges.


27 mai 2022