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GBC® AdvancedPunch

Automated punching system that combines printing and punching into one step.
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The GBC AdvancedPunch is an automated punching system that combines printing, punching, and collating into one convenient step without added labour costs. It handles a variety of stocks, punch patterns, and punches at the speed of the printer, making it ideal for in-plants, facilities management operations, franchise printers, and commercial printers.

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Key Features

  • Enables inline printing, punching and collating for ready-to-bind offline applications
  • AdvancedPunch module is fully integrated with the printer
  • Select from various interchangeable (optional) dies sets for popular binding styles; no need for offline manual punching
  • Three additional die sets can be stored within the AdvancedPunch module
  • User-friendly replacement of die sets without need for levers or tools
  • AdvancedPunch module uses a unique waste container sensor design and includes a large waste container to collect scrap punches
  • Punches at the speed of the printer

Your Challenges

Traditional mechanical punching is very labour intensive, costly, and time consuming.

Key Challenges

  • Manually intensive – Traditional mechanical punching is tedious for an operator.
  • Time consuming – Traditional mechanical punching requires a significant amount of time for an operator to punch a limited stack of sheets at a time.
  • Labour cost – There is a high labour cost associated with the traditional process of mechanical punching.
  • Scrap cost – There is high cost due to errors in the traditional mechanical punching process.

How Xerox Can Help

The GBC AdvancedPunch lets you create professionally bound documents in-house by combining printing, punching and collating into one convenient step.

  • Maximise productivity and lower overall cost of production; reduces setup time and cost associated with manual finishing by providing ready-to-bind documents at the touch of a button.
  • Add style and versatility to bound documents; up to seven common punching styles produce ready-to-bind documents at rated speeds.
  • Easy to create professionally bound documents in-house for commonly used offline binding styles.
  • Designed for walk-up users or for production professionals so users can initiate punch jobs right from their desktop or from the printer controllers.
  • Die sets can be changed in seconds without tools.
  • Revolutionary design handles a large variety of stocks with ease.
  • Common GBC punch applications include lesson plans, training manuals, handbooks, calendars, reports, notebooks, legal filings, menus, etc.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox offers GBC in-line punching across the widest range of production and light production equipment in the industry