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Xerox® SMARTdocument Travel Express

Powerful entry-level document scanning software for any organization wanting to automate document capture workflows.


Xerox SMARTdocument Travel Express is document scanning software for organisations with paper-intensive processes. You can easily create document workflows and then scan the documents from your multifunction printer or TWAIN scanner.

Key Features

  • Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-enabled Xerox MFPs support SMARTdocument Travel Express.
  • Supports non-Xerox devices if your organisation has a mix of Xerox and other brands of multifunction printers.
  • Works with PC and network scanners to extend the reach of the workflows to the entire organisation with mixed scanning hardware.
  • Scan, index, and save documents directly from the MFP front panel.
  • Scan once and deliver to multiple destinations:
    • Folder (secure FTP/Network/Shared Folder)
    • Email address
    • Fax server
    • PC, Printer, Database
    • Document Management Systems:
      • Lotus Notes/Domino
      • SharePoint
  • Reads barcodes and uses it as document index data.
  • Track and send notification email to the required people after the document is saved to destination.
  • Scan to searchable formats including PDF, Word, Excel, and more.
  • No user training required
  • Install and setup in less than 2 hours

Centre Connect Features (for EIP-enabled MFPs)

  • Authenticate users at the device panel using various authentication methods (Windows, Novell, and custom scripts).
  • Populate index fields by performing back-end database look-ups or using scripts. For example, enter an invoice number at the MFP when scanning a form and the client’s address and phone are automatically populated.
  • Personalised scan menus for the logged-in user are displayed on the MFP device panel.
  • Users can change default scan settings at the device panel (optional).

Your Challenges

Companies are faced with many challenges of managing flow of paper and electronic content in a timely and secure manner.

Key Challenges

  • Limited budget to automate capture/archival workflows and use existing scanning hardware
  • Document loss due to inefficient handling of documents
  • Regulatory compliance mandates due to various federal and state requirements
  • High operating costs due to fax, mail, courier, physical storage, data entry, etc.
  • Inability to quickly find documents when you need them
  • Need for instant access to information for better collaboration and customer service

How Xerox Can Help

SMARTdocument Travel Express is a comprehensive document scanning software solution to automate manual and error-prone document processes.

  • Server based software – does not need to be loaded on each client’s PC.
  • Free server license – only pay for device licenses. Server software is free of charge.
  • Works with your existing MFP and scanners to capture and store content to repositories.
  • Reduce operating expenses - automatically capture information from paper documents and turn into searchable content for storage and distribution.
  • Eliminate document loss - a single press of a button on the MFP initiates workflows that scan and deliver documents to variety of repositories.
  • Consistent storage of content with workflows that are setup by the IT administrator centrally and used by the entire organization in the same consistent manner.
  • Increase security - SMARTdocument Travel Express workflows enable user authentication at the point of capture improving document security while creating audit trail.
  • Easy upgrade path to SMARTdocument Travel when your business needs grow.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Device-independent - Unlike competitive products, SMARTdocument Travel Express works with various brands of multifunction printers and all TWAIN scanners, not just Xerox-brand devices. This is a great advantage if your organization uses various brands of MFPs and scanners.
  • Setup and start using in less than 2 hours - SMARTdocument Travel Express is a server-based distributed document scanning software solution. The IT administrator sets up and manages the document handling workflows with no need to learn complex proprietary programming language as required by some competitive products.
  • Simple upgrade path that can grow as your business grows – If your business requires more advanced features for processing of content in the future, simply upgrade to SMARTdocument Travel with no loss of initial investment.