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Xerox® SMARTdocument Travel

Securely automate your repetitive document scanning workflows


Xerox SMARTdocument Travel is document scanning software for organisations with paper-intensive processes. This Xerox workflow solution automates and simplifies document capture, processing and routing of information. With Xerox SMARTdocument Travel, you can easily create document workflows and then scan the documents from your multifunction printer or TWAIN scanner. If you use Google Apps, you can now upload, share and search your physical documents on Google Docs by scanning and uploading them from your multifunction device.

Key Features

  • Connect people to the information and tools they need to work faster and more effectively.
    • Scan and send documents to email and fax servers, secure FTP sites, network folders, databases and more.
    • Scan, index and send documents to various document management systems (Xerox DocuShare®, SharePoint, Interwoven, Documentum, etc.).
  • Control costs, information access and the environmental impact of your organisation.
    • For security, authenticate users at the multifunction printer panel before allowing access to workflows.
    • Track and send a notification email to the required person after a document is saved to a destination.
    • Reduce the time and labor required to process and archive documents.
  • Enable new ways of working that streamline and accelerate business cycles and give you a competitive advantage.
    • Dynamically browse shared folders or document management containers directly from the panel of an EIP-enabled Xerox device.
    • Device integration - compatible with industry-leading capture devices, sources, process applications, and document management solutions.
    • Scan, apply keywords and securely store paper documents into Google Docs with the push of a button on your SMARTdocument Travel-enabled digital copier or multifunction printer.

Your Challenges

The most common problems associated with information-intensive industries are costs and inefficiencies.

Key Challenges

  • Document loss due to inefficient handling of documents
  • Regulatory compliance mandates due to various federal and state requirements
  • Operating costs due to fax, mail, courier, physical storage, data entry, etc.
  • Searching for documents when you need them
  • Slow access to information hinders collaboration and customer service
  • Automation solutions are not customised to meet your specific business process requirements
  • Poorly scanned images can not be used or re-purposed

How Xerox Can Help

Touch the future today with Xerox SMARTdocument Travel. Xerox's commitment to meeting and exceeding customers' document-related challenges has never been more evident. With the latest in business automation technology, Xerox simplifies your everyday business processes.

  • Increase productivity
    • Reduce document cycle times
    • Improve accuracy and consistency
    • Centrally manage all document workflows
    • Use a single, consistent capture interface for all content
    • Get real-time document processing and availability
  • Reduce costs
    • Works with your existing Xerox multifunction printers
    • Reduces the time and labor to process and archive documents
    • Ensures compliance
    • Minimises shipping costs
  • Ensure security
    • Create an audit trail of document handling activities
    • Authenticate at the device panel for added security
    • Encrypt the document and set the workflow to accept only authenticated users
  • Support sustainability
    • Reduce document loss
    • Minimise shipping costs
  • Differentiate your business
    • Virtually no user training required
    • Improve customer service
    • Customise to match your business process requirements

Why Choose Xerox?

Unlike competitive products, Xerox SMARTdocument Travel works with scan-enabled multifunction printers from Xerox AND other manufacturers.

  • Enhance functionality of a scan-enabled Xerox multifunction printer.
  • Enable one-touch scanning into document management systems such as Xerox DocuShare®, MS SharePoint and Interwoven.
  • Ensure compliance in heavily regulated industries:
    • Banking
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Legal
    • Finance
  • Browse, scan and index into shared folders and document management containers directly from your EIP- enabled device.
  • Create custom modules in Java or VB scripts with a scalable solution and open platform.