MPS Helps County of L.A. Save Taxpayer Dollars

As the largest county in the United States, the County of Los Angeles used to maintain more than 43,000 printers and copiers to serve over 10 million people.

The county’s CIO wanted a clearer picture of what it cost to manage and support so many print devices. After a detailed assessment, the county chose Xerox as its Managed Print Services (MPS) vendor.

We helped L.A. county reduce its printers and copiers down to just 18,500 shared, networked devices, and we managed the maintenance and support costs.

With no upfront capital costs, we helped the County of L.A. save $9 million in printing costs annually, which is expected to increase to $13 million. They also reduced electrical consumption 58%, and are saving more than $50 million over the life of the contract.

Read the case study to learn how the County of L.A. is putting more taxpayer dollars toward their core services instead of toward printer maintenance.

Read L.A. County case study