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Xerox® Print Management

Print management comprises several different aspects of printing, including network printer management and output management. Print management provides a central administration point for sharing printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) on a network and managing print tasks. It also addresses various output management options, including print management solutions and software.

Print Management Solutions

From a device management perspective, print management lets network administrators monitor and manage printers and MFPs remotely from a desktop. Print management frees IT resources for more important tasks by improving productivity through device uptime, supplies management, centralized setting and software updates and user-friendly connectivity.

Print management solutions that track output devices and user activity can help you manage costs, keep critical information secure and prevent unauthorized use of printers and MFPs.

Output management solutions, including cloud-based solutions, can help you connect to printers remotely, maintain color consistency across printer fleets, reduce costs and errors, and keep printers up and running.

Document management looks holistically at output management and print management, and provides solutions for managing documents, content and printing devices in all of their various forms.

Here’s a small sampling from our comprehensive suite of print management solutions and software:

  • Xerox® Managed Print Services (MPS). Gain visibility and control of document processes and costs with Xerox MPS. MPS involves everything related to printers, their output, supplies, support, and the people and processes that intersect with these.

  • Xerox® CentreWare®. Effectively manage output devices from a single, powerful interface. You’ll simplify device management, improve ROI on printing devices and reduce IT administration burdens.

  • Xerox® Workplace Solutions. Whether server- or cloud-based, find a complete software platform for authentication, security, cost control and mobility.

  • Xerox® DocuShare®. Our award-winning DocuShare enterprise content management solutions help you manage paper and digital content at every step in your business processes. Capture, store and share documents through solutions delivered either on-premise or via cloud. Turn time-consuming, document-heavy processes into easy, electronic workflows.

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Want to know more about print management? Check out our office software solutions and Global Document Services.

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