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Develop with Xerox

Work with us to create world-leading applications to extend the functionality of our products and services. Take advantage of our standards-based interfaces to build and market your own apps to our customers. Open, standards-based interfaces are available at no cost to our developers for integration with Xerox® ConnectKey®, Xerox FreeFlow®, and Xerox Managed Print Services technology platforms.

Central Contact point for Xerox Developer Interfaces The Xerox Developer Program is your main connection point for all major Xerox Technology Platforms. Current Platforms include Managed Print Services, Xerox FreeFlow and Xerox Extensible Interface Platform.

Central Contact Point for Developer Tools Xerox supplies remote access tools, simulators, and examples to reference to quickly implement your innovation with our Technology Platforms

Developer Program Support Our online Support enables assistance for your projects. Details on how to obtain support are provided when you register.

Collaborate with the Xerox Developer Community Xerox leads the industry in collaboration to ensure your success. We use industry leading tools and have partnered with Stack Overflow for Developer Self Service Q&A, as well as Slack for Collaboration within our global developer community. Register now to get started.

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About the Xerox Developer Program

The Xerox Developer Program is the central technology hub for third party developers globally to access Xerox technology interfaces. It enables third party businesses and developers of all types to connect with Xerox products and technology using Xerox Software Development Kits. Note: A Xerox Business Innovation Partnership is not required to enter the Developer Program.

Developers can also harness the power of Xerox Managed Print Services

The Xerox Managed Print Services API (MPS-API) and Support Assistant API (SA-API) provides a secure, common interface allowing third parties to access features in the Xerox hosted technology suite. The framework is based on standard Web Service technologies that allow for maximun flexibility and compatibility with other systems. The tiered framework allows new services to be added easily, so that we can provide additional functionality to our partners using a common platform.

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Business Innovation Partner Program

Our Business Innovation Partner Program is designed for collaborative work to extend the functionality of Xerox offerings into specific companies and industries.