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Danfoss Prints Customised Manuals Just in Time

Each product Danfoss Power Electronics sells is completely customisable. That means each manual must be customisable, too.

The company makes bespoke power control systems – customers can choose their exact configuration from millions of options. Danfoss’ customers specify everything from software requirements to brand labelling. And Danfoss manufactures and ships these custom orders within 24-48 hours of receipt. The high levels of customisation, delivered quickly, are what give Danfoss its competitive advantage.

Where do we come in? With just-in-time document production. Our system automatically retrieves the appropriate files to go with the bespoke product, in the correct language. Then our system prints the custom manual and drops it into the correct product package. We help Danfoss deliver a finished, custom manual within 20 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Learn more about just-in-time, customised document production.

Read the Danfoss case study (PDF, 570 KB)

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