Xerox® Workflow Automation Solution for Health Records Information Management

Give healthcare professionals the information management tools they need to provide optimal care and improve patient outcomes. The Xerox® Workflow Automation Solution for Health Records Information Management (HRIM) enables healthcare personnel to automatically capture, extract, process and route patient, health and financial information within their organisation to electronic health records (EHRs).

Using a single data platform that integrates with Health Information Systems (HIS) and EHR systems, patient-related information can be captured and entered into a single patient record. Clinicians can more confidently care for patients when you provide them a complete record. And hospitals can improve productivity, eliminate lost hard copy files, and enable better visibility into patient care history.

Our Workflow Automation Solution for HRIM can help you:

  • Improve patient care through informed communications between physicians and medical staff
  • Boost employee productivity and mobility – minimising time to find patient information in multiple systems
  • Reduce ordering of duplicate patient tests
  • Increase patient safety through informed decision making
  • Easily access health records from everywhere – ER, oncology, admissions, accounting, etc.
  • Enhance ability to reach Stage 7 of HIMSS EMRAM

Read the Health Records Information Management brochure (PDF, 366KB)
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