IT Assist, RM3781

Lot 2 - Multifunctional Devices & Print Management Software and Services

Everything in RM1599 plus Enhanced Services & Software

  1. Business process optimisation software
  2. Automation software
  3. Workflow management software
  4. Document management software
  5. Inbound mail software
  6. Asset Management & Third Party Legacy Equipment
  7. Hybrid Mail Solutions: Solution should be provided and operated within contracting authorities premises & utilise equipment owned or leased by them
  8. On-Site Print/ Fleet Manager & Engineer Optimisation & Automation Software: Software to include Cloud-based mobile printing, document managing/ archiving/ storage tools which provide seamless integration & ability to interface with third-party EDRMS solutions

Lot 3 - Managed Print & Content Management Services

  1. Document/ information lifecycle optimisation
    a. Develop & present a process of how we analyse & optimise document/information lifecycle
    b. Continually improve how documents and information are captured, transformed and managed
  2. Electronic Document & Records Management Systems (EDRMS)
    a. Deliver EDRMS as part of a Managed Print and Content Management Service
  3. Hybrid Mail
    a. Provide a wholly secure, on-site and/or off-site Hybrid Mail solution
    b. Automate inbound and/or outbound mail processes where possible, to create efficiencies and reduce costs
  4. The Supplier shall automate inbound and/ or outbound mail processes where possible and as agreed with Contracting Authorities

Lot 5 - Scanning Services (Off and/or On site)

The Supplier shall provide the full Scanning Service for an End to End or part requirement, as specified by Contracting Authorities.

  1. Scanning Service (On and/or Off site)
  2. Document Scanning & Digitising of paper Images (or other media as specified)
  3. Transportation of Records between locations where required
  4. Bulk Scanning project management
  5. Hosting services (digital storage of scanned images or transfer into Contracting Authorities ‘Records Information Management System/ Document Repository System’ (RM/DRS))
  6. Digital media storage (Hosting of scanned records)
  7. Secure storage and access
  8. On line User access
  9. Inventory Software
  10. Electronic Retrieval
  11. Destruction and Archive Services
  12. Help desk availability – core hours or 24/7, where specified
  13. Performance monitoring
  14. Management Information reporting (Periodical and pro-active)
  15. Missing Records procedures

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