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Introducing a New Era of Additive Manufacturing

Adaptability and flexibility are necessary tools in today’s ever-changing markets. The operational resiliency achieved through additive manufacturing can empower your business to continue and recover regardless of what’s happening in the world. At Xerox Elem Additive Solutions we are creating solutions that that make it easier for our customers to integrate additive manufacturing into their operations and make on-demand manufacturing a reality today. Welcome to the future of additive manufacturing.

Xerox Additive Manufacturing: Simpler. Safer. Stronger. YouTube Video

Xerox Additive Manufacturing: Simpler. Safer. Stronger.

Make complicated installations and cumbersome protective equipment a thing of the past with the Xerox® ElemX 3D Printer.

Gallery of 3D Printed Parts

View a selection of 3D printed parts from the ElemX liquid metal 3D printer. Just a few examples of how additive manufacturing is optimizing the product lifecycle.

Production-Grade Parts Printed in Hours YouTube Video

ElemX Resources and Additional Information

Access more detailed information on the ElemX printer, including product specifications, material data sheets, design guides and safety documentation.

Xeroxin 3D-tulostus uutisissa

US Navy ship

Xerox® Elem Additive and U.S Navy Deploy First Metal 3D Printer at Sea

Xerox® ElemX3D metal printer installed on USS Essex (LHD 2) and at-sea trials have begun in Pacific Rim.

3D printed metal object
An example Xerox ElemX metal additive 3D print
3D printed part
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Asiantuntijan oivalluksia

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Additive or Conventional Manufacturing? That is the Question

3D printing investment decisions require quantitative and qualitative assessments of manufacturing options. Decision-makers need comprehensive and unbiased tools.

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Smart Manufacturing: Orchestrating Your Response To Changing Conditions

Today more than ever, manufacturers must produce short-run and custom goods, on-demand, and in uncertain conditions.

View from inside a 3D printer

3D-tulostus toimitusketjussasi: kekseliäisyys, joustavuus, kestävyys

Pete Basiliere kertoo näkemyksiään siitä, kuinka 3D-tulostus vähentää logistiikkakuluja ja lyhentää toimitusaikoja. [englanninkielinen]

Xerox ElemX 3D Printer

Metal 3D -tulostimen valinta alkaa loppua ajatellen

Pete Basiliere kertoo, kuinka 3D -tulostustekniikan valinta alkaa loppua ajatellen riippumatta siitä, käytetäänkö muoveja, komposiitteja vai metalleja. [englanninkielinen]