• Making Green Work Better

Making Green Work Better

Celebrating sustainable solutions in transportation and the everyday workplace

It began as a “national teach-in on the environment,” a way of harnessing the passions of a tumultuous age to raise consciousness about air and water pollution in the United States.

Since its founding by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day has become a global movement, recognized by tens of thousands of organizations in 192 countries. The 46th recognition of Earth Day kicks off this Friday, April 22.

In ways large and small, every day is Earth Day at Xerox. For decades, we have been delivering sustainable business practices through technology, services and solutions that help customers and the planet, while our employees have gone the extra mile to live Green in both word and deed.

Of late, our environmental heritage manifests itself prominently in the sustainability components of our transportation services and solutions, which are designed to make “green” work better.

For example, in Los Angeles and Denver, we recently launched mobile apps to help residents and tourists make green transportation choices more easily. The Go Denver and Go LA apps take an individual’s destination and desired arrival time, and calculates the different routes available, including the greenest option. The app calculates the time, cost, carbon footprint, and health benefits from walking, biking, driving, parking, taking public transit, as well as the emerging ride-hailing options.

Read more in our Going Green in Transportation white paper (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Green Hacks

The green option available to users of the Go LA and Go Denver apps are an example of what we describe as a “Green Hack” – an simple but ingenious ways of adapting routine behaviors to favor the environment.

View more videos of Xerox #GreenHacks on YouTube ›

As part of Earth Day, Xerox is launching a #GreenHacks campaign, using social media to solicit and capture ideas of how people, businesses and communities cleverly support greener habits. (Join the conversation by posting to Twitter mentioning @Xerox and using the hashtag #GreenHacks, and visit us on Twitter and/or Facebook to see videos of some #GreenHacks from our own employees.)

The #GreenHacks campaign was inspired in part by our own employees, who a few years ago made hundreds of suggestions to our Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability office for hacks that save time and money, and reduce waste.

Tweet your ideas to @Xerox using #GreenHacks, or post directly to our Facebook page. Better yet, implement your hacks without delay!

Today in Denver, Xerox is telling its Earth Day #GreenHacks story to commuters in the city’s historic Union Station. Performers dressed as trees are handing out seed paper promoting  the Go Denver app (powered by Xerox) that helps commuters find a faster and greener commute.