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On-demand Webinar: How to future-proof your organization with digital transformation

Watch the free on-demand webinar.

Streamline. Automate. Optimize.

The future is coming fast. No company can afford to delay digital transformation. The first step is to understand and map your processes and identify how people move within them.

Watch our webinar to learn how to move toward your desired future state — knowing that transformation is not a destination. It’s an ongoing process.

Hear top minds at IDC and Xerox discuss:

  • How you can wrangle repetitive tasks and use the power of disruptive new technologies to help your business gain a competitive edge

  • How analytics can reveal insight into driving productivity and growth

  • The importance of security focused on prevention, detection and protection at every point

  • Why some transformation initiatives succeed and why others fail

  • The impact of digital transformation on your bottom line

  • How to identify small, quick wins towards better processes


iws speaker mick heys

Mick Heys is Vice President of IDC Future of Workplace & Imaging in Europe. He is particularly interested in the future of the office in the world of flexible and mobile working and in the optimization of the workplace. He’s also responsible for managing IDC’s Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions team covering all aspects of imaging including 3D Printing, Office Printing, Production Printing and Enterprise Content Management.

iws speaker julian blackler

Julian Blackler is Services Business Development EMEA Lead at Xerox. He’s a Services professional with 34+ years’ experience across the document management and business process outsourcing market – working for Xerox in a variety of roles – through operational client account management, ITIL services delivery, channel sales management, marketing, and business process re-engineering.

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