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North Carolina Center of Excellence Campus

Creating the Collaborative Office of the Future in Cary, NC

The North Carolina Center of Excellence continues Xerox’s tradition of defining the modern work experience. The facility, which opened in September 2020, is the new home of the Xerox Digital eXperience (XDX) IT organization, our 3D printing lab, and other Research & Development (R&D) operations.

The center utilizes the latest technologies and layouts to enable a collaborative environment that fosters innovation. From 3D printing to , Xerox is working on new capabilities that will help solve some of the biggest problems affecting businesses and the world. This facility will enable Xerox employees to build and refine the technologies that will define the future of Xerox.

The North Carolina Center of Excellence is also a place where customers can see and experience the new technologies Xerox is bringing to market. In our 3D printing lab, the team continues to refine our liquid metal technology. The lab holds our ElemX Liquid Metal Printer and has seen a steady stream of customers, partners, and industry analysts visiting since opening in early 2021.

“This facility is a testament to our achievements in digital transformation and our tremendous commitment and investments in R&D,” said Naresh Shanker, Xerox Chief Technology Officer and President, PARC. “Reimagining Xerox depends on our entire team to make it successful, and the work being done at the North Carolina Center of Excellence will build the energy that will fuel our future.”

Come join our team in NC as we work to redefine the workplace experience again.

Innovación Xerox

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Xerox ElemX 3D Printer

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We're leading the way in additive manufacturing innovation using polymer and metal 3D printing technologies to introduce new equipment, materials and tools that enable production of complex parts fast.