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Xerox Communication and Marketing Solutions

Your brand is built on the experiences of your customers. The way you communicate is just as important as what you sell. Our Communication and Marketing Solutions (CMS) can help you transform these customer experiences.

Your customers expect more relevant, timely information, personalized to them, in the channel of their choice--print, email, social media, texts, or a combination of channels. We work with you to strengthen the thread of communications throughout each customer’s journey. From the first moment of need, right through to billing and follow-on purchases, our Communication and Marketing Solutions are strategically designed to harness the latest capabilities to deliver valuable brand loyalty.

How We Can Help Your Communication and Marketing 

  • Collateral Management. Effective, automated management of assets and templates helps drive marketing efficiency and brand consistency.
  • Demand Generation. Combine logic, data and design to deliver engaging, personalized, relevant content to the right target and channel.
  • Document Publishing. Gain print spend visibility and a single point of accountability with one-stop shopping for all of your documents.
  • Inbound and Outbound Digital Services. Our delivery platform can scan, index, manage and store documents and the data embedded in digital document formats.
  • Multichannel Communication Services. Deliver personalized, multichannel messages at every touch point: web, mobile, email, direct mail, fulfillment and in-store signage. We intersect transactional and marketing communications so you can leverage all forms of data for relevant, bespoke interactions.
  • Product Information Management Services. Transform fragmented processes into integrated, digital ones over a product’s life. This helps deliver highly tailored, relevant product and technical information to consumers, engineers and customer support agents over a product’s lifecycle.
  • Transaction Print & Mail Services. Make transactional documents much more appealing to customers. Our onsite or offsite print-and-mail services for transactional and direct mail applications include data management, composition and fulfillment. With IT and Operations departments working together, you’ll improve effectiveness.

Communication and Marketing  Case Studies

Danfoss translates and ships custom manuals, along with customized products, within 24-48 hours. 

Global pharma company consolidates marketing supply chain by 90%.

Communications and marketing insights

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