How We Innovate

Customer Led Innovation

Our researchers frequently seek opportunities to work directly with customers and we routinely deploy ethnographic methods to learn about customer needs and pain points. The customer is viewed as a partner in innovation and we encourage “dreaming with customers” about the future. 

Open Innovation

At Xerox, we partner with organizations around the world to enable products and solutions that respond to the needs of emerging and global markets. Our open innovation partnerships include such areas as pre-competitive consortia, sponsored university projects and partnerships with customers and other companies.

Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation

Our customer engagement facility is the world’s largest permanent showcase of digital products for the graphic communications and enterprise printing markets. Gil Hatch, the former president of Xerox production systems and office groups, believed everything we do begins and ends with our customers. 
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Balancing the Portfolio

We think of our projects as having impact on three horizons - short, mid and long term - and for each type of project we play a unique role, as partners, incubators or explorers. 

31% Partnership Projects

31% Partnership Projects
Approximately 31% of our research investments directly support our business partners. Our co-development model helps accelerate the uptake of new technology and platforms that result in new products and services that hit the market and make a difference to our customers.
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34% Incubation Projects

Another 34% of our research investments is directed at creating the next generation technologies or to incubate new offering concepts. This research supports product roadmaps into the future and matures ideas to the stage where Xerox’s businesses can adopt them. 
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35% Exploration Projects

The remaining 35% of our research investments explores future opportunities and builds new insight into the potential of new technologies. To remain state-of-the-art, we are continually reskilling the organization, attracting new top-notch talent to Xerox and seeking out open innovation partnerships with the best institutions worldwide.
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