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Document Processing Solutions

In the past, document management consisted of a manual search through disparate systems and paper retrieval from storage and cabinets. Our services enable organisations to cope with enormous volumes of information, accelerate information time to value, manage the information from capture to archive, and reduce the IT support burden.

Documentation or other electronic files that are captured, managed, and stored electronically in a single repository increase in value as the content becomes easier to access and business processes are automated.

Enterprise Content Management

Xerox offers Web-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions specialising in document management and enterprise content management. Our solutions leverage technology to automate previously manual document-centric workflows providing for content upload, retrieval, reporting, security, and retention. Our document management solutions are capable of integrating with other data-driven systems, such as client ERP or CRM systems, and are completely customisable to tackle even complex workflow needs and extreme volumes.

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