Digital Manufacturing Solutions 

Xerox Digital Alternatives helps manufacturers increase process efficiency and overall quality. We do this by simplifying and streamlining the everyday, paper-intensive processes that consume so much of everyone’s time.

You need to keep assembly lines flowing at peak efficiency levels to stay profitable. Too often, lines are stopped due to issues with the product or the assembly process. When manufacturing takes place thousands of miles from the design team, fast, accurate information is essential.

With Xerox Digital Alternatives, all the necessary information can be loaded into a work folder, and instantly shared with the extended team. Photos of defective parts, annotated CAD files, readouts from test systems, all can be stored and securely shared in seconds.

Updated documents can automatically sync to the line manager’s iPad, so things can get rolling the instant the fix is available. This is just another way our digital solutions are helping manufacturing work better. 

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Xerox Digital Alternatives for Manufacturing