Digital Education Solutions for Educators 

Xerox Digital Alternatives helps schools and universities increase transparencies, reduce costs, and deliver better student services by simplifying and streamlining the everyday, paper-intensive processes that consume so much of everyone’s time.&

Delivering quality education is a full-time job and then some. Every educator spends nights and weekends reviewing student submissions, preparing curriculum content, and keeping up with trends in education. That’s a lot of paperwork to manage.

Watch the video to learn how Xerox Digital Alternatives teaches teachers new tricks. For example, scan all those documents and bring them into Digital Alternatives for instant access on your PC, the classroom, or on your iPad at home. You get the exact same documents, and the exact same editing and annotation tools, at your fingertips.

Once reviewed, you can share your comments with students, colleagues or parents, without ever leaving Digital Alternatives. This is just another way we’re our digital education solutions are helping thousands of schools and universities make education work better.

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Xerox Digital Alternatives for Education

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