Print Production Training

Skilled trades can provide an excellent opportunity for a better life, or an alternative or bridge to further education. But members of skilled trades are becoming harder to find — especially in the digital production printing and workflow industry.

The Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program is designed to help people — especially at-risk youth, the incarcerated and students — acquire the skills and knowledge they need to drive success in digital printing.

Our program includes curriculum, technology and support services for effective digital print production training. Here are a few things our trainees learn:

  • Document Design
  • Composition
  • Data Preparation
  • Digital Printing Technologies, including cut-sheet, continuous-feed, color/grayscale and load balancing
  • Current/Emerging Client Applications
  • Workflows
  • File and Color Management
  • Personalized Printing/Cross-Media/Web Fulfillment
  • Safety
  • Inventory Management
  • Finish/Assemble
  • Distribution
  • Performance reporting, tracking and metrics


Benefits for Schools

A four-year college degree may not be right for everyone, but opportunity is. We offer those at risk of falling through the cracks of the system — or simply seeking an alternative — a more prosperous path toward becoming thriving members of the workforce.

Our Digital Career Pathway Program is also a perfect fit for educational institutions looking to create new graphic arts programs, or expand existing ones.


Benefits for Corrections

The right opportunity could be what keeps someone from re-offending. Opportunities to develop skills and acquire knowledge help make time spent incarcerated, or in juvenile detention, more productive. Skilled tradespeople in digital print production and workflow enjoy career satisfaction, good wages and job security.

Working in partnership with recognized print industry leaders, we continuously update our program to reflect current trends. With the most up-to-date skills, those who complete the Digital Career Pathway Program will be in high demand.

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