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Xerox® DocuShare® Go 10

What’s New in This Release

Support OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider for Authentication in DS Go Connect Key application

When an OAuth 2.0 provider is selected in a Go organisation, we now allow the connect key user to log in using the device code from their mobile device.

  1. Open the DS Go ConnectKey application installed on their Xerox ConnectKey device

  2. The user scans the QR code from their mobile device.

  3. Then log in and authorise the ConnectKey device.

  4. Continue to print or scan from the DS Go ConnectKey application on the ConnectKey device.

User Onboarding

Instead of needing to invite each user to a Docushare GO organisation, a DS Go Administrator can now choose to enable onboarding. When onboarding is enabled:

  1. A 6 letter/number is created that you can provide to your target audience any way you want—for example, an intra-company email to selected users.

  2. Users with the code can go to, select their region and use the Sign-up link to gain access to the Go organisation

New Content Rules

  • Sequential Content Rule is available. It enables approvers to approve an item in sequential order. If the first approver Approves, the next approver is asked for their approval. Any approver that rejects, then the item is rejected

  • Multiple (All) Approval Content rule is available. If all selected approvers approve, the item is approved. If on selected approver rejects, the item is rejected. All users get a task

DocuShare Go Release Notes 9

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 9

What’s New in This Release

Support OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider for Authentication

  • This release has a major change in the Authentication method. The added option allows subscriptions to use OAuth 2.0 IdP for all users.

  • Customer’s IT support team would need to create an application in the IdP and provide the information to the subscription administrator for this to work.

  • User would provide IdP email address, then Go will redirect to IdP for login, and if successful, the user can access Go.

Enhancements of Content Rules

  • New Rule for Simple Review with Electronic Signature. A single user can be assigned to review fields and provide a signature as required. The Signature can be in the form of an image or text, both entered by the user and viewable via Version History.

  • New Rule for Multiple Approvals with Electronic Signature. Multiple users can be assigned to approve or reject documents and provide signatures as required. The first assigned user to Approve or Reject the task completes the approval/rejection of the document. The Signature can be an image or text, both entered by the user and viewable via Version History.

  • Updated Simple Approval to include Electronic Signature. The Signature can be in the form of an image or text, both entered by the user and viewable via Version History.

  • Document Classification + Data Extraction Change Improvements:

    • Allow typing of extracted values into a new document type field.

    • Allow typing of extracted values into an existing document type field.

    • Allow specification of time zone when extracting date/time values.

    • Provide more detailed executed statuses in the Execution Log.

General Feature Enhancement

  • Updated subscription plans page with a link to Sales Request Form.

  • Improved error handling on file upload. The system detects the scenario of uploading a new version to a document using a file with a different file name or the scenario of uploading a new file to a collection with a duplicated file name. Users are prompted to take action to resolve the errors.

DocuShare Go Release Notes 8

Xerox® DocuShare® Go 8

What’s New in This Release

New Features of Document Classification and Metadata Extraction

  • The ability to classify documents and extract metadata is added with this release.

  • New Content Rule type: Document Classification + Data Extraction is added. Ability to Review, update and approve the document classification from Content Rules ”My Task” interface.

  • With the extension of the current "Document Classification" rule, DocuShare will process your files by setting the document type, extracting data from the file, and updating metadata fields based on that information. For example: Extract “Invoice Number”.

  • Default Data Extraction Pack is granted with the purchase of the subscription. This makes subscription accessible to this Data Classification and Metadata Extraction feature. Additional Extraction pack purchase is available.

  • New “Data Extraction” role is added, which has access to create rules of this type.

  • Works on PDF and Image file types. Current limitation: Does not work on Text Files.

Subscription Management

Users can purchase additional storage in chunks of 500 GB / User. Users will get a warning on their Dashboard when storage remaining reaches 10% of total capacity. Guest users can now be removed from subscriptions when they no longer require access. Guest users are granted Viewer permissions, and guest sharing is required to set an expiration date. The number of Guest users is restricted based on the type and size of the subscription. Guest users allowed are 5X the number of concurrent users and 2X the number of named users.

Security and Compliance

“Self Service” Free Trial was removed from the self-service interface due to Sanction Scanning requirements. Trials will now be processed only through the back office. Xerox Internal AD Option is removed. This is to position the product for an upcoming feature of Single Sign On.


Chat Bot is removed in production due to low usage. The community site is open to all users, and FAQs will continue to be updated.

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