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Technician in goggles and mask working on delicate equipment

Ensuring Health and Safety

The health and safety of our people, workplaces, and customers is of paramount importance.

CSR Goals and Progress Summary (PDF, 583 MB)

Safety of Xerox Products

Safety has always been the cornerstone of our work in product development.

  • To encourage customers to review product safety information and understand the environmental profile of Xerox devices, we provide access to comprehensive safety data about our products and the materials contained within them. SDS/PSDS/DoC Safety Data Sheets Product Safety Data Sheets Declarations of Conformity

  • Technological features inside Xerox digital systems ensure our products operate safely and efficiently. We maintain the most stringent regulatory requirements or industry standards. Facts about the safety of Xerox products (PDF, 243 KB) Facts about ozone (PDF, 176 KB) Facts about ventilation (PDF, 183 KB) Facts about electrostatic discharge (PDF, 183 KB)

  • For some materials – including toners, solvents and certain metals – Xerox has established our own internal limits that are stricter than external regulations and standards. Facts about Xerox toner (PDF, 480 KB)

Safety of Xerox People

We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our people.

  • We strive toward a goal of zero workplace injuries, continually decreasing the frequency and severity of injuries each year as the result of increased safety awareness and communications to our employees and focused safety management processes within our management teams.

  • Xerox applies strict exposure limits for worldwide manufacturing, research and service operations to protect employees from elevated exposures to chemicals, noise and radiation.

  • Our emergency preparedness and response program helps protect the health and safety of Xerox employees, their surrounding communities and the environment. All Xerox operations worldwide develop documented plans for responding to fires, chemical releases, natural disasters and other potential incidents. Learn more about Xerox workplace safety