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Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Colour Management

Automation enables quick, accurate, productive colour management


Ideal for customers who need to colour manage multiple presses at one or multiple locations, IntegratedPLUS Automated Colour Management offers web-hosted colour management that's seamlessly integrated with production printing devices. This solution provides simple controls to easily monitor print devices and centrally colour manage a fleet of presses.

Key Features

  • Helps ensure predictable and accurate colour throughout the entire production process
  • Seamlessly combines a cloud server, local applications and powerful digital front-end workflow solutions
  • Automates printer monitoring, remote administration of color resources and predefined workflow and printer recovery procedures
  • Validates Xerox DFE and printer settings to ensure that the press and DFE will provide the best match possible to the original approved print condition
  • Quickly and expertly performs data calculations and analysis in the cloud
  • Leverages the strength of our technology partners to help you produce more jobs
  • Removes the need to run local printer colour management packages at multiple sites, using different versions or settings to analyse colour data
  • Includes Xerox Professional Services support to ensure your workflow will run smoothly

Your Challenges

Print service providers continually wrestle with the challenge of getting consistent colour prints from their equipment. The core problem is not the printer colour management technology, it is the lack of automation and the reliance on multiple players in the print process to determine colour outcomes.

Key Challenges

  • Monitoring the print engine status regularly is time consuming and error prone
  • Colour output variability can come from many points in the production process
  • Different local colour management packages are used at multiple sites
  • Different software versions or settings are used to analyse colour data
  • Multiple colour experts are needed for each location
  • Inconsistent procedures used for returning printers to desired colour tolerances
  • Major capital IT expenditure to purchase servers, software licenses, and upgrades

How Xerox Can Help

Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Colour Management offers you a single printer colour management solution for your entire fleet. It can greatly increase the efficiency of your workflow by allowing you to remotely access and respond to the status of your presses. By partnering with industry leaders in colour management, Xerox can provide for all your colour management needs.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Improves productivity and reliability over current manual process.
  • Simplifies multi-engine/multi-site colour management.
  • Cuts costs by making colour management far more predictable and efficient.
  • Reduces manual errors and eliminates wasted time and materials.
  • Increases the efficiency of your workflow by allowing you to remotely access, and respond to the status of your presses.
  • Intelligent and seamless solution – monitor, update and change the activity of an entire fleet, rather just one press.
  • Leverages your current technology investment – no new IT investment needed
  • We work with your color expert to help define recovery procedures for when a press is outside of your defined tolerances and to ensure color management processes are performed regularly and consistently