• Xerox Offering Customization

Xerox® Offering Customisation

Helping you do work you couldn't do before.

Xerox Offering Customisation (XSIS and Custom Applications Service/CAS) designs and implements end-to-end systems to satisfy unique requirements for a select group of customers with common industry needs, application characteristics or productivity goals.

When "business as usual" isn't quite right for you, Customisation is here to help. If your requirements include unique or unusual workflows or applications, we'll work with you to ensure your Xerox product truly meets your requirements.

We can provide one-off solutions that satisfy a business-critical feature or function not available with standard products. Examples include end-to-end workflow or finishing solutions that may represent a competitive advantage. We can customize any of the existing Offering Customisation solutions listed below as well.

Shop Floor Management

Specialised Media