Brenva Brings Costs Down, Production Up

The Institutes Reduces Costs and Increases Production with Xerox® Brenva® HD Production Inkjet Press

As one of the largest publishers of professional training materials, The Institutes puts its digital presses through their paces. See how The Institutes reduced costs and increased production — without compromising quality — using the Xerox® Brenva® HD Production Inkjet Press.


The Institutes had been using a toner-based press when we invited them to come check out our new Brenva press. After seeing the Brenva machine’s speed and quality firsthand, The Institutes thought it would be a natural fit for their business.

How Brenva Benefits The Institutes

Watch the video to see how the Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press is helping The Institutes to:

  • Increase speed to 300 impressions per minute.
  • Reduce supply costs by over one hundred thousand dollars a year.
  • Meet customer demand.
  • Grow in the future without needing to add labor or personnel.

Learn how the Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press could help your business.

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