• Podcast: Cloud Delivery Extends MPS Benefits to SMBs

Podcast: Cloud Delivery Extends MPS Benefits to SMBs

There’s no denying that Managed Print Services (MPS) offer a lot of value for small and midsized businesses (SMBs). As these organizations increasingly move to the cloud, managed print helps create safe, efficient document processes within cloud-based delivery environments.

In this podcast, Tom Gall, director of marketing for Managed Print Services at Xerox, and Robert Palmer, research director for imaging printing and document solutions at IDC, discuss what midsized businesses should know about managed print, cloud delivery and document security.

Listen to the podcast to find out what makes managed print attractive to midsized businesses. Here’s a hint: It goes beyond cost savings.

According to the experts, midsized organizations have a lot to gain from cloud-based deployment of MPS, including increasing productivity, proactively managing devices, automating workflows, reducing burden on IT staff and consolidating vendors.

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