• Case Study: EMC Manages Print in Rapid Growth

Case Study: EMC Manages Print in Rapid Growth

Challenge: The company's IT leaders had no way to monitor print devices, usage or support – not to mention the associated expenses, which involved everything from paper and toner to maintenance and the devices themselves. Faced with mounting costs and complexity, EMC looked to Xerox for help.

Solution: EMC partnered with Xerox to bring consistency and centralization to its print operations through a global Managed Print Services (MPS) solution. The initial MPS rollout focused on reducing print devices and output in the U.S., resulting in a 30% decrease in print costs and more than $7 million in annual savings. The U.S. program became the model for worldwide implementation in more than 30 countries, enabling EMC to efficiently monitor, manage and optimize print operations throughout the enterprise.


  • Standardized and centralized print devices, capabilities, support and expenses worldwide.
  • Improved employee-to-printer ratio from approximately 7:1 to 22:1.
  • Introduced proactive device monitoring, so more than 65% of global service calls are now handled proactively.
  • Dramatically reduced energy consumption, consumables waste and paper usage, conserving more than 20 billion BTUs, 1.2 million pounds of solid waste and more than 15,000 trees in the U.S. alone.

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