• Smart Sensor Packaging

Printed Electronics Let You Track Your Packages Even Closer — No Matter How Far They Travel

Ensure safety, trust and peace of mind every step of the way with smart sensor packaging.

Packages travel around the world every day. Whether it's an overnight package with a last-minute purchase or goods from across the globe, smart sensor packaging brings intelligent sensors to normal, low-cost packages printed on everyday paper.

Tracking a shipment is no longer limited to knowing whether it's arrived at a destination. Smart sensors can detect conditions such as temperature, humidity and light exposure, as well as possible tampering, through every step, stamp and checkpoint. Smart sensors also pass the information on in real time.

These circuits and sensors are examples of printed electronics that are making shipments for vaccines and medications more transparent and safer as they travel from the pharmaceutical company to the doctor’s office to the patient's hand.

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, is a pioneer in smart packaging. The world of printed electronics is filled with possibilities, with exciting new uses for smart packaging and low-cost printed electronics technology still presenting themselves.

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