Your Peers Are Digitizing Paper Processes. How About You?

Paper slows down business. That’s why most companies we surveyed are already moving from paper to digital. They want to reduce costs, improve productivity, and make it easier to share documents. But where they’re at in their transformational journey varies by industry, business function and country. Check out results for your industry, and think about how your own organization compares. How could going deeper with digitization transform the way you communicate, connect and work? 

How far along is your industry with digitization?

Retail and Distribution
Financial Services
Professional Services
Public Sector

Small and Mid-sized Business Intelligence at the Intersection of Physical and Digital Worlds

Around 65% of businesses are already starting to digitize paper processes. Their goal? To improve workflows, productivity, and performance. How does your organization stack up?

Moving to Digital Interactions Can Boost Your Bottom Line

More than half of financial services organizations are improving data security, mobile printing, and document workflows simply by digitizing. See how you could do the same.

Documentation Is Critical to Manufacturing. Digitization Can Set You Free.

By digitizing paper processes, manufacturers are improving information security, workflow, productivity and access to mobile printing, as well as saving up to $5,000 per month. What are you waiting for?

Connect with Your Customers Using Digital Interactions and Experiences

43% of retail and distribution companies are engaging their buyers with customized information. It’s time for you to get started.

Go from Paper to Digital and Improve Patient Care

Nearly 80% of healthcare organizations are already well on their way to digitization. If you did the same, you could help set new expectations for security, compliance, care coordination, and patient outcomes.

Have You Started Digitizing? Most of Your Peers Are Already Reaping the Benefits.

63% of professional services organizations have started to digitize paper processes. Kudos to them because they’re improving workflows, saving money, and wasting less time. Now it’s your turn.

Combine Paper Processes with Digital Efficiencies to Better Connect with Citizens

It’s time to get on board with digitizing paper processes. You’ll not only improve document security, but also workflow, productivity, mobile printing, cost savings, and citizen service. See how some government agencies are already leading the charge.

1,021 companies in the US, UK, Germany, and France were surveyed. Survey conducted by Coleman Parkes and commissioned by Xerox.


Plans to Digitize

% have started to digitize paper processes.

will start digitization of paper processes within 1–3 years.
have implemented digitization plans.
are advanced in digitization of paper processes.

Department Prioritized to Go Paperless

IT Department to benefit most from digitization.

agree that IT is one of the top departments that should be digitized first.
Departments Prioritized to Go Paperless

Security Strategies Inclusive of Printers/MFPs

Hackers can access networks via printers/MFPs.

Security Strategies Inclusive of Printers/MFPs
of companies factor printers and/or multifunction printers in their overall security approach.

Mobile Printing Initiatives

Traveling executives can print securely with cloud-based solutions.

include mobile printing in their mobility initiatives.
have yet to include mobile printing in their mobility initiatives.

Improving Workflow

Employees commit to more streamlined processes.

plan to impact the bottom line with improved document workflow.
Improving Workflow

Time Wasted on Paper Processes

Too much time is spent on document workflow vs. core operations.

waste significant time daily on paper-intensive processes.

Money Spent on Paper Processes

Companies will save money on supplies, energy and storage.

Money Spent on Paper Processes
spend between $1,000 and $5,000 monthly on paper processes.

Managing Printer Efficiencies

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a key component of document digitization.

print fleets were assessed within the last year.
have real-time monitoring and real-time assessments of print fleets.


Just over half of companies are using printers/MFPs as part of their security approach to help protect against malicious attacks and unauthorized access to documents and stored information.
46% of companies waste significant time daily on paper processes, which can be time used to grow the business.
Across all small and mid-size businesses, only 27% of companies undergo real-time assessments to ensure better document management.
Unauthorized access to personal data, including names, social security/national insurance numbers, and account information, cause 65% of companies to implement printer/MFP security features.
72% of organizations are committed to mobile printing as an immediate goal.
For small and mid-size businesses, misfiled and lost paper documents impacts time and profitability. To combat that, 84% of Financial Services companies plan to digitize paperwork and improve document workflows within the year.
42% of companies waste time daily using paper-based processes. Digitization impacts how people communicate, connect, and work, enabling companies to focus on their core operations.
Efficient paper processes provide businesses with cost savings on energy, storage, and supplies cost savings. By digitizing their processes, 64% of the manufacturing industry will save between $1,000 – $5,000 monthly.
Only 20% of manufacturing companies have printer efficiency assessments underway. These businesses will benefit greatly from real-time monitoring, resulting in greater agility and workplace efficiencies.
Paper-based processes, including tracking inventory, managing invoices, and increasing fill rates will benefit from digitization. An efficient, streamlined workflow will help cut costs, reduce errors, and increase agility and productivity levels.
As more retailers become e-tailers, 46% of companies recognize the importance of prioritizing digitization in the Sales and IT Departments.
The Retail and Distribution industries are prime targets for most identity-theft attempts today. 62% of companies protect themselves by incorporating printers/MFPs in their overall security strategies.
Digitization helps providers efficiently and securely share patient information, which enhances care coordination and patient outcomes.
More than half of healthcare organizations have started using printers/MFPs in their security strategies in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Another 30% plan to engage printers/MFPs in their security strategies in the near future.
Paper to digital processes have proved to be beneficial. Compared to other small and mid-size businesses, healthcare organizations pay the least for paper processes — 10% spend less than $500 and 30% spend $500 – $1,000 monthly.
83% of organizations plan to digitize document workflows within the next year to reduce the amount of industry process-related paperwork.
While many organizations consider themselves fast-paced, they are also one of the top two industries to admit to wasting significant time daily on inefficient paper processes.
41% of organizations assess their print fleet annually and only 25% have real-time assessments underway, which can greatly improve workplace agility and efficiencies.
62% of organizations use mobile printing to optimize productivity among remote employees.
The Public Sector leads all sectors in printer efficiency assessments last year, resulting in improved processes and costs, enhanced document security, and greater agility and productivity.
Government organizations are required to comply with document security regulations; however, only half include printers/MFPs in their security strategies.

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2017 International Survey Report

A recent survey has found numerous ways SMBs can significantly improve their productivity and save both time and money through the digitization of paper-intensive processes and streamlining their document workflows.

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