Xerox® Workflow Automation Solution for Supply Chain Optimization

Remove error-prone and costly manual steps from retail inventory management, helping to reduce labor costs, streamline invoice reconciliation, and improve fill rates

The Xerox® Solution for Supply Chain Optimization takes report data from multiple, disconnected sources, digitizes and analyzes the information, and serves it up in easy-to-understand formats at the point of need.

With the Xerox® Supply Chain Optimization solution, you can:

  • Reduce labor costs and stocking delays by automatically reconciling reporting data from manufacturers, distributors and retail stores
  • Improve fill rates and reorder time through better supply chain insight
  • Drive faster decision making across the entire supply chain with built-in feedback loops and alerts
  • Enhance cash flow with faster, more accurate invoice reconciliation
  • Reduce operational costs by printing less

Read the Supply Chain Optimization brochure (PDF, 443 KB)
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