Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Research and Development Testing

Research and Development (R&D) can be a high-cost function with uncertain results. But it doesn’t have to be. When you keep R&D documents in a secure, central location, you’ll help streamline testing, facilitate collaboration and meet documentation timelines.

The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for R&D Testing offers a centralized platform that can integrate into your PLM, MES and CRM systems. The solution provides the latest information to support your teams’ R&D initiatives—and, ultimately, to help launch products.

Workflow Automation for R&D Testing can help you:

  • Launch products quicker and improve timelines through preset/preconfigured process workflows.
  • Drive collaboration among all of your key stakeholders for a quality product launch and readiness across the board.
  • Complete market testing with customers and suppliers through secure, online portals.
  • Reduce errors and correction times with turnkey access to the most current documents.
  • Leverage existing PLM/CRM infrastructure to reduce operational costs.

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