Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Quality Assurance

Ensure that the right processes are followed at the right times. It’s easy when you use the Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Quality Assurance.

You can input policy and procedure information into an easily accessible checklist format. Then users can view a policy’s purpose and the steps required to fulfill it.

By automatically generating electronic checklists and assigning tasks to specific individuals, the solution becomes an official record of work. This helps continuously improve processes through feedback, collected information and metrics.

Workflow Automation for Quality Assurance can help you:

  • Facilitate continuous process improvement, allowing users to share feedback and flag checklists for review.
  • Ensure the right people use the right procedures at the right time.
  • Gain detailed tracking and business intelligence into checklist status, relevant issues and areas of opportunity.
  • Provide a comprehensive oversight capability to management teams.

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